01.03.2008 [30 pics]
Pinkbunny dinner party at KJ's apartment...
28.09.2007 [9 pics]
Rock The Night at The Rock, Copenhagen!
18.08.2007 [6 pics]
Pinkbunny dinner party - at KG's apartment. Good food!
29.03.2007 + 31.03.2007 [6 pics]
This gallery contains pics from two seperate events - a live gig with danish band Switchblade and Rock The Night. Both events took place at The Rock in Copenhagen.
24.02.2007 [21 pics]
Another Pinkbunny party - this time at AM's apartment. And boy, did we eat some food that night...
22.02.2007 [14 pics]
Keyboard-master André Andersen and his band, Royal Hunt, played at The Rock.
Pictures courtesy of Kanoon.dk
22.12.2006 [3 pics]
Danish sleaze rockers Switchblade played at The Rock and of course KG was there...
Pictures courtesy of Kanoon.dk
16.12.2006 [17 pics]
Christmas party at KG's apartment - a funny night with loads of good food and beer!
25.11.2006 [4 pics]
Pinkbunny dinner at KJ's apartment - a funny, funny, funny night!
18.11.2006 [3 pics]
12 hours of fun at The Rock in Copenhagen... We sure Rocked The Night!
20.10.2006 [6 pics]
KG loooves music and this evening he met up with some fellow music-fanatics for a live-gig with Swiss hard rockers Krokus at The Rock in Copenhagen.
10.10.2006 [4 pics]
A few more pics from KJ's current climbing expedition.
07.07.2006 [7 pics]
One of KJ's hobbies - apart from eating food and drinking beer - is climbing mountains all across the world. Right now (summer '06) he's away on such a trip and he has just sent us these cool pics.
22.04.2006 [17 pics]
Saturday 22nd April 2006 - Warm-up prior to Rock The Night at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark.